Wild animals might be harmful in many ways, from distributing disease to attacking every kid and adults. Our vision is to grow to be: An animal services organization recognized for its transparency, and successfully selling the humane and responsible care of companion animals, reducing the euthanasia of sheltered animals, and responding to the wants of the community.

Animal cruelty contains abandonment of a pet, physical abuse, failure to provide food, water, shelter or veterinary care, combating of animals, putting animals in a state of affairs that causes distress (i.e. a scorching car) or protecting an animal in unsanitary conditions.

The appointment of an Animal Management Officer shall be made by the Board of Commissioners and in addition to the duties listed shall have such different duties regarding the enforcement of this ordinance because the Board of Commissioners may every now and then provide.

Section 1. All dogs found operating at massive shall be seized by the Animal Management Officer, their deputies of assistants, or by other law enforcement officers, and impounded on the Animal Management Shelter for a period of 4 (four) days if the dog lacks a collar, license or other evidence of ownership.

Anyway I have been a sufferer of an Animal Management Officer who wouldn’t accept my vet’s care (long time massive animal vet), didn’t like the truth that I dared to disagree with something and that I was doing every part MY vet stated and what their vet mentioned and I wasn’t calling her every day with stories.