Engagement Ring 101: A Man’s Guide for the Perfect Ring One of the most difficult things to do when proposing is shopping for the right kind of engagement ring for the occasion. The number of rings available makes it confusing to choose the best one to give to your soon to be wife. Even the most confident man would need a few pointers when shopping for the best engagement ring for their soon to be wife. A budget should always be created before a guy goes shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Creating a working budget should always be the priority, otherwise you can easily overspend when presented with various options. These engagement rings can cost a lot of money depending on its design and materials used. A working budget should be realistic so as not to exhaust all savings. After the proposal, there will be a lot of expenses to prepare for when the wedding bells toll. It is never a wise decision to spend all your savings on a piece of jewelry. You may also want to ask friends for advice on where to shop for the best rings. Your friends or family can provide you with ideas on where to get the best deals in town. Friends who recently got engaged are likely to have a store or two in mind. Additionally, they can also give you ideas on who to sneakily measure your partner’s finger size.
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Guys have the tendency to pick the first thing that their eyes lay on. Prevent yourself from doing this when shopping for an engagement ring. It is a good idea to shop around. Other stores probably has some of the best offers and you will be missing out on a lot of things if you stop in one store.
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It is said that a girl’s best friend is diamonds, however, these gems can be very costly. Engagement rings don’t have to be limited to diamonds as there are other gems that would make a perfect center stone. If a diamond is outside the working budget, then consider getting a ring with a stone that your girlfriend will proudly wear on a daily basis. The stone on the ring will make a huge surprise when you open the box and pop the question. The metal used in the creation of the ring is also one consideration to look at. If you are looking for traditional rings, gold is always a good choice, however, new materials are used in the creation of rings nowadays. To ensure that you pick the right metal for the ring, you can take a look at the pieces of jewelry they usually wear on a casual day. White gold and platinum are two of the best alternatives to gold when it comes to engagement rings.