Facts about Cat that We Need to Know

facts about cat

A cat is a kind of carnivorous animal. Cats are also regarded as “perfect carnivores” with special teeth and digestive tracts. In everyday life cats are also eradicate rats. Cat is one of the most popular pets in the world. Cat are clean animals. Facts about Cat they often take care of themselves by licking their hair. Their saliva is a powerful cleansing agent, but it can trigger allergies in humans. Sometimes cats spew hairball or hair rolls that accumulate in their stomachs.

Cat sounds are often written “meow” In English used in the United States. In the English country itself, the writing is “miaow”, “miaow” in french, “miau” in German, “its” in japan and various other writings in various languages. The sound of “cat meow” has various meanings depending on the pronunciation by the cat. Cats can also sound like the long snoring that humans often love. Since this sound is not a vocal sound, the cat can sound snoring and meow at the same time

The Unique Facts About Cats

You need to know some facts that can be useful in the maintenance of cats. There are some unique facts about cats among others

  • Cats have been around for almost 10,000 years. The first evidence of a domesticated cat is in Cyprus about 9,500 years ago.
  • Cats do not like sweet. The taste of a cat is not as sensitive as humans, so cats prefer food to smell, not from taste.
  • Cats have very good hearing, even better than humans.
  • Life of the cat ranges from 15 years, a cat that can live 20 years very rarely found.
  • Cats snore to show emotions, cats snore when they show positive emotions such as feeling good and comfortable, but can also snore when they are anxious, fearful and show other negative emotions.
  • Cats more often meow on humans. If you notice, when around people, cats often meow like wanting to invite communication, while when hanging out with fellow cats, the cat rarely meow.
  • Cats are creatures of the night. Cats prefer to sleep during the day, while going to play and play for food at night.