Tips and Tools You Need if You Want to Become a Transcriptionist

In the past, working means the need to go to the office and work but these days, work can be done at our own homes. A type of job that is becoming popular nowadays where anyone can have the opportunity to apply is the transcription job.

Working from the convenience of your own place can give you a lot of benefits such as having a flexible schedule for work, being able to save the supposed travel expenses, working at an environment you are very comfortable with, never facing the traffic jam on weekdays, avoiding dramas in the office, and having more time spent with your children.

For first timers, the common questions asked are ‘How do I start?’ and ‘What tools do I need?’ The following are the tips you need for this kind of job.

To be able to pass in a transcription work, you will have to get yourself a USB headset that is good. Plugging the USB headset is easy in your computer or your laptop. USB headsets come in a variety of brands but a very well-known one that produces excellent quality is the brand Plantronics. There are people who do not like to use this tool but if the background noise is over powers the sound in the laptop’s audio, then you should use the USB headset to cancel out the noise. Investing on this tool is good because you can also use it for playing games or just listening to music when you are not working.

Transcription jobs require software packages that can provide clear video and audio sounds. A good option to start with is the GearPlayer software. It is available for purchase on Amazon. Express Scribe is another option you can choose if the job provides only an audio tape, and is paired with Express Dictate. Experts in transcription jobs used to use the foot pedal with Express Scribe,however, it is not necessary. You can replace the foot pedal with hotkeys from your keyboard.

A foot pedal can offer you advantages when transcribing like efficiency and faster transcription process. You can pause, play and stop with the foot pedal instead of using the hotkeys on the keyboard, thus giving you more focus on the typing with your hands.

You can avail a foot pedal for your Express Scribe on the website NHC or purchase it on Amazon. You can avail the foot pedal with the Express Scribe or just purchase it alone.

A text expander is very helpful even if you type very fast with a rate of 100wpm. The macro-auto typing feature expands the text with a commonly used phrase by just typing in certain short codes or keys. This option is a time saver and efficient to use.

Time tracking is usually a must for some companies or clients. It is applicable if you are being paid hourly. TimeCamp is a good option for a time tracking software, as well as TraxTime.

There are a lot of transcribing companies out there. A very well-known company such as the TransGlobal Incorporated, is one good option to start with. TransGlobal Incorporated is a top-notch company that has been providing transcription services for quite some time now.You will be able to achieve being a successful transciber while working at home with TransGlobal Incorporated.

Anyone can become a transcriptionist. There are those that changed career from the corporate world to working at home. These are mostly parents who wish to earn and be there for their kids at the same time.

With the guidance and knowing the basic tools, you can now try to step into being a transcriptionist. If you want to get into this type of job, contact us now.